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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. Have a question not answered here? Contact Us!

Staff members, paid and volunteer, are carefully screened, selected, trained, and supervised by a year-round staff with 50+ combined years of camp experience. The staff is comprised of adults of all ages, including college students and high school graduates.

In 2023 Wanake’s study of the Bible will revolve around an experience-based interaction with the Word of God, worship, prayer, and a community based on God’s unconditional love. Exploring the God’s Word, campers will be challenged to learn how to pray for themselves and others, see the work of the spirit in themselves and others, participate in small group worship, and be an agent of God’s unconditional love. Wanake’s goal is that each camper builds a relationship with God as they experience a community of unconditional love that points to God.

Health care is provided through the health director who lives on site and a Registered Nurse who visits daily. All staff members have training in their health care responsibilities and follow the Camp Doctor’s standing orders for minor illness & injury, including first aid and over-the-counter medications. All medications are kept locked in the Health Center or a medical lock box and are monitored by staff. The Health Director monitors campers to make sure medications are taken as prescribed and that health care needs are met.

Wanake’s goal is to provide an excellent experience for each and every camper. We are best able to meet this goal when we are able to plan in advance and partner with parents. Please follow the following steps:

Before registering – Call Wanake.

Wanake is able to accommodate special medical, behavioral, dietary, and social/emotional needs for which the camper is able to provide some self-care and self-regulation with a pre-arranged plan. For summer 2023, Wanake may be able to provide one-on-one buddies for campers with special needs. Please contact Wanake before enrolling to review your camper’s needs at 330-756-2333 or

After Registering

#1 Notify Wanake Once you have registered your camper, notify Wanake. This will give Wanake staff and your family time to plan and prepare together for an excellent experience.

#2 Medication and/or Behavioral Plans If a camper is on medication or follows a behavioral plan during the school year, Wanake recommends that the camper continue the same medication or behavioral routine while at camp. Part of the fun of camp is adapting to a new environment and a new daily routine. Since campers experience so many changes it is generally not a good idea to alter normal medication or behavioral routines during a stay at camp. Wanake asks that campers on psychotropic medication who have had a change in medication or dosage within three months prior to their arrival at camp notify Wanake.

The Wanake Kitchen serves healthy, kid-friendly food and provides opportunities for campers to exercise decision-making in their food choices. Wanake serves a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables – yogurt, granola, and fresh fruit with hot entrees at breakfast, salad with lunch, and fresh fruits and vegetables at supper cookouts. Many foods are cooked from scratch and desserts are baked homemade, reducing the use of high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors/dyes, and hydrogenated oils. Finally, Wanake provides plenty of food for active campers engaged in energetic camp activities. With a pre-arranged plan Wanake can provide a balanced diet for those with food allergies and/or special diets: gluten-free, vegetarian/vegan, lactose intolerant, etc. Please contact Wanake before and after enrollment to review your camper’s dietary needs at 330-756-2333 or

We are working to mitigate, effectively identify, and appropriately respond to any illnesses that may occur at camp. We are committed to offering a summer camp program with health and safety guidelines in place for all involved.

As Summer Camp 2023 moves closer, here are the precautions we will have in place in order to keep all campers safe and healthy. 

  • We will take temperatures of arriving campers during the check-in process to avoid campers arriving at camp ill.  We suggest you check your camper’s temperature before leaving for camp.
  • We are not going to require masks for campers involved in the program.  Masks are welcome but not required. 

These guidelines are subject to change if circumstances dictate. 

Wanake Camp and Retreat Center

Wanake Camp and Retreat Center