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Night Games

Grades 6-9 in the Fall of 2023

Defy the clock! Stay up late (3 AM) and sleep until noon! Canoe and swim before it gets dark. After dark, stargaze, night hike, craft, explore the Bible, and see the universe through a telescope. Try glow-in-the-dark games and activities.  Eat breakfast at lunch, lunch at dinner, and dinner when the stars are in the sky.  Join the rest of camp in all camp games (wide games). Play your favorite camp games and learn new ones, all with night-time twists! Live in cabins.

Dates Offered

July 23-28, 2023


$509 – Tier 1

$569 – Tier 2

$672 – Tier 3

Activity list

In addition to staying up late and sleeping in, groups will also be able to choose activities to round out their week:  Canoeing, Visiting the Wanake Farm, Star Gazing/Telescope Watching, Rock Climbing, Fishing, Video Games, Visiting the Frog Pond, and more!

Housing Location

Wanake has two cabin locations, the White cabins and the Pines cabins. Furnished with bunk beds each cabin will house a maximum of 14-16 people. Both cabin locations have electricity and changing rooms, and are a short walk to bathhouses. Pines cabins are strategically located and ventilated to keep them cooler in the summer months, while the White cabins have air conditioning.

Wanake Camp and Retreat Center

Wanake Camp and Retreat Center