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Pool Pizzaz

Grades 4-7 in the Fall of 2023

Hot summer days are just ahead! Beat the heat at the Wanake Pool!  Pool games, extended swim times, pool basketball, and more.  Scale the pool climbing wall, jump off the diving board, and fly down the water slide. Try canoeing or rock climbing at Wanake’s Lake Arnold. Join the rest of camp in all camp games (wide games). Savor the flavor of the Wanake Ice Cream Breakfast and God’s sweet Word, The Bible.  Discover how Jesus uses water in His works. Housing is in Retreat Centers or Cabins with the option of a sleepout under the stars.  If your camper requires a specific housing option, please contact Wanake to arrange for their housing.

Dates Offered

Choose from two weeks this summer!

July 16-21 or July 30- August 4


$499 – Tier 1

$559 – Tier 2

$662 – Tier 3

Activity list

In addition to extra time at the pool, groups will also be able to choose activities to round out their week:  Canoeing, Visiting the Wanake Farm, Star Gazing/Telescope Watching, Rock Climbing, Fishing, Video Games, Visiting the Frog Pond, and more!

Housing Location

Wanake has two cabin locations, the White cabins and the Pines cabins. Furnished with bunk beds each cabin will house a maximum of 14-16 people. Both cabin locations have electricity and changing rooms, and are a short walk to bathhouses. Pines cabins are strategically located and ventilated to keep them cooler in the summer months, while the White cabins have air conditioning.

Our retreat centers consist of two wings connected to a great room meeting space. Four rooms in each wing will accommodate up to 6 people (three twin-sized bunk beds) with a restroom and shower facilities in each wing. These spaces are air conditioned.

Optional One Night Sleepout Locations

Rock Lodge
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The Rock Lodge features a Bouldering wall built into the structure on the ground level.  (Bouldering is climbing horizontally rather than vertically as in rock climbing.)  Campers climb up into the structure.  The second floor is a picnic shelter about eight feet in the air.

Campers climb a built-in vertical ladder through a trap door into the bedrooms upstairs.  Each bedroom can sleep up to 8.  Hammock style beds hang from the ceiling of the structure as campers enjoy evening rests in the treetops. The top floor is completely enclosed for safety and security. 

Adirondack Shelter
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This traditional structure, patterned after the Adirondack Shelters of the Appalachian Trail, is like a three-sided log cabin with a screened in fourth side, making it mosquito-proof. These shelters do not have electricity. The smaller shelter houses 6 and the near-by larger shelter houses 10.

Wanake’s Adirondack Shelters are located in a shaded area near the Woods Shelter (which makes for a great “hang-out”, rain shelter, or gathering spot). The composting toilet (45-100 yards) and the hand washing (tooth brushing – face washing) station (45 yards) are also very close.

Survival Cabin
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This completely enclosed cabin can sleep up to 12 in one room and 8 in another. It has a canvas roof, continuous peak skylight and a rustic feel of a cabin constructed by survivors of a near by  airplane downing. Mosquito netting and screen doors make it mosquito proof.  The sky lighting and wispy mosquito netting windows make for a well-lit interior by day.

Of course, this cabin does not have electricity. It is located near the composting toilet and the hand washing (tooth brushing – face washing) station (100-120 yards). The Survival Cabin also features a very nice campfire site complete with fire ring and seating logs.

Wanake Camp and Retreat Center

Wanake Camp and Retreat Center