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Rock Lodge Quest

Grades 8-12 in the Fall of 2023

Live in the Rock Lodge and “build-your-own-adventure” to create a week to remember!  Your group gets to choose from a variety of options, including, but not limited to:  a waterfall hike, crafts, rock climbing, campfires, tie dye, swims, hanging out, canoeing, cookouts, 9-Square, GaGa Ball, shelter building, star gazing/telescope watching, fishing and more. Plus indulge in an ice cream breakfast, explore the Bible, play camp-wide games, cookout, relax in a hammock, worship, and enjoy campfires. Create a camp adventure and enjoy the Rock Lodge with friends, old and new!  Live in the Rock Lodge.

Dates Offered

July 16-21, 2023


$499 – Tier 1

$559 – Tier 2

$662 – Tier 3

Activity list

In addition to the questing to the treetops to live, groups will also be able to choose activities to round out their week:  Canoeing, Visiting the Wanake Farm, Star Gazing/Telescope Watching, Rock Climbing, Fishing, Video Games, Visiting the Frog Pond, and more!

Housing Location

The Rock Lodge features a Bouldering wall built into the structure on the ground level.  (Bouldering is climbing horizontally rather than vertically as in rock climbing.)  Campers climb up into the structure.  The second floor is a picnic shelter about eight feet in the air.

Campers climb a built-in vertical ladder through a trap door into the bedrooms upstairs.  Each bedroom can sleep up to 8.  Hammock style beds hang from the ceiling of the structure as campers enjoy evening rests in the treetops. The top floor is completely enclosed for safety and security. 

Wanake Camp and Retreat Center

Wanake Camp and Retreat Center