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What About Medical, Behavioral, Dietary, and Social/Emotional Needs?

Wanake’s goal is to provide an excellent experience for each and every camper. We are best able to meet this goal when we are able to plan in advance and partner with parents. Please follow the following steps:

Before registering – Call Wanake.

Wanake is able to accommodate special medical, behavioral, dietary, and social/emotional needs for which the camper is able to provide some self-care and self-regulation with a pre-arranged plan. For summer 2023, Wanake may be able to provide one-on-one buddies for campers with special needs. Please contact Wanake before enrolling to review your camper’s needs at 330-756-2333 or

After Registering

#1 Notify Wanake Once you have registered your camper, notify Wanake. This will give Wanake staff and your family time to plan and prepare together for an excellent experience.

#2 Medication and/or Behavioral Plans If a camper is on medication or follows a behavioral plan during the school year, Wanake recommends that the camper continue the same medication or behavioral routine while at camp. Part of the fun of camp is adapting to a new environment and a new daily routine. Since campers experience so many changes it is generally not a good idea to alter normal medication or behavioral routines during a stay at camp. Wanake asks that campers on psychotropic medication who have had a change in medication or dosage within three months prior to their arrival at camp notify Wanake.

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