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Wanake Alumni Projects

Wanake alumni continue to be generous in supporting the physical needs of the ministry at Wanake.  We encourage you at this point in Wanake’s history to consider giving of your time, talent, gifts, and service to make God’s love real as people of all ages spend time at Wanake.

Presently, there are projects that are funded and underway, projects that are in the fundraising stage, and projects that are funded and are awaiting labor, paid and volunteer.  Here is a overview. 

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Funded Projects That Are Underway

Pine Hill Showers

The floorplan for the Pines Hill Shower House

This project is underway!  Showers are taking shape in the former Cedar Closet/Craft Cabin near the cabins on Pines Hill.  The funds are raised and construction has started.  We hope to have these showers ready to use for the summer of 2023.

Also a part of this project, The Pool Palace has been completed and been in operation for two summers already! Be sure to go see (and use) the Pool Palace this weekend.  It is located adjacent to the pool.

Astronomy Shed

A photo of what the Astronomy Shed will look like.

The Astronomy Shed, to be located in the field behind Savage Retreat Center, is a natural extension of the enthusiasm Wanake campers have for viewing God’s awesome night sky!  Observing the stars, planets, nebulae and galaxies is an awe-inspiring experience that allow Wanake to share with campers the Good News that the God who made all this, made them and loves them so much he sent Jesus to give us forgiveness and new life, eternal life!  Many a camper has exclaimed, “Wow! Saturn really does have rings!” or “The sky looks like a planetarium!” or “I can really see the Big Dipper!”

The Astronomy Shed features a sliding roof, so the larger telescopes inside can be set up at all times and be ready for viewing quickly and easily.  It will also provide storage for the many smaller telescopes that Wanake already has for easy use in the field where viewing is optimal.

Wanake has already received donations for this project in Memory of Wanake Alumni and Friends.  Now that building supplies have doubled, more funding is needed.  So far the main telescope has been donated and $8,500 is in hand for construction.  You are invited to join this effort with a gift to help Wanake fund this project at $12,000.

Siding High Profile Buildings

The Ranch Hay Barn is a high profile building in need of siding.

Wanake is committed to continuing to keep buildings ready for ministry.  Some of our high profile buildings and buildings that are subject to major UV exposure need to be painted very often.  Siding on buildings throughout camp will ease the yearly painting needs and give buildings a clean, sharp look.  The focus here is on high profile buildings like the Inpost Barn, The Retreat House/Health Center, and the buildings at the Wanake Ranch visible from the road.

Wanake Ranch Update

Activities at the Wanake Ranch have been suspended since September 2020, when God found all of the horses generous buyers with happy homes.  Wanake plans to start a summer horse program for the summer of 2023.  Please pray for this special ministry.  Monies to help get the property in shape and to purchase suitable horses will be needed.  Presently $6,000 is in hand.

Projects that Need Additional Funding

Maintenance Complex Expansion

Wanake’s maintenance area continues to be key in keeping the site ready for ministry.  In its present layout, the maintenance complex lacks space to store key equipment indoors and to undertake projects, particularly in poor weather.  Most projects must now be conducted in a program area or a retreat center.  Neither of these options is optimal for the project or the people who are working, nor are they a suitable spaces for storage of supplies and tools.

Phase I ($35,000—$5,500 is in hand) of the expansion will allow Wanake to store the tractor indoors with safety equipment in place.  It will also allow the equipment presently stored in the workshop to be stored appropriately indoors, while providing an indoor workshop. 

Phase II ($65,000) will provide a large, covered space to do major projects and vehicle maintenance, plus provide heated paint storage and a maintenance office with restrooms.

Drinking Water Storage and Drainage Projects

These projects are important to the infrastructure that keeps campers and guests safe and provides a positive environment.  The drinking water storage tank is in need of upgrades.  The ground water drainage that starts with the spring at the frog pond and runs through camp is in need of repair.  Finally, signage to direct guests and campers to locations and buildings is vital to Wanake’s ministry of hospitality.  Giving to these projects supports all the aspects of Wanake’s ministry into the future.

Wanake Camp and Retreat Center

Wanake Camp and Retreat Center