Bring your congregation's youth (grades 6-12)

for a weekend at Wanake


Fall into Faith, Fun and Friends!

Come experience Wanake with your youth group!

This retreat will include growing deeper in your faith, getting to dive deeper with your friendships, and have fun with your youth group while making new friends.

Starting Friday evening and ending Sunday afternoon. This weekend will challenge you to grow in your relationship with Jesus and make new friends. Enjoy teambuilding, gaga ball, hiking, star gazing, 9-Square, and more.

  • Guided Faith Exploration: Dive into guided sessions that explore your faith. Our experienced leaders will facilitate discussions, activities, and reflections.
  • Campfire Ceremonies: Gather at the fireplace for campfire fun that symbolizes the warmth and illumination of your faith. Share stories, express your thoughts, and create lasting memories with new and youth group friends around the flickering flames.
  • Open Conversations: Engage in open and meaningful conversations with peers and leaders. The retreat provides a supportive environment where questions are welcomed, and discussions deepen your understanding of faith, community, and personal spirituality.
  • Scenic Retreat Setting: Set against the backdrop of Camp Wanake's picturesque surroundings, this retreat offers a serene atmosphere for contemplation and renewal. Nature becomes a partner in your spiritual journey, providing the perfect setting for moments of connection and growth.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Strengthen bonds with your fellow participants through outdoor activities that challenge, inspire, and build camaraderie. Whether it's navigating group challenges, embarking on a nature hike, or playing games together, the outdoors becomes a canvas for spiritual exploration.
  • Accommodations and Amenities: Enjoy comfortable accommodations, delicious meals, and the full amenities of Camp Wanake. The retreat is designed to provide a seamless and enriching experience, allowing you to focus building friendships and spiritual growth.

Ready to celebrate your faith journey in a meaningful and memorable way? Register for Wanake's Fall Teen Retreat and take this transformative step surrounded by the support of a loving community.

Weekend Schedule


6:30-7:30 PM       Arrive on site, get settled and get acquainted.  Sign up for service opportunities.

7:30 PM               Welcome, introductions and orientation

8:00 PM               Teambuilding/Games -- Chaperone Orientation

8:30 PM               Opening Worship – music, scripture, introductory talk 

9:15 PM               Snack with Hang Out Time

10:00 PM            Head to rooms, get ready for bed

10:45 PM            Evening Devotional in rooms

11:00 PM            Quiet time and sleep begins


Rise and Shine

7:30 AM               Meet in Moody great room for sunrise hike

8:15 AM               Hoppers Set Tables

8:30 AM               Breakfast

9:30 AM               Morning Worship – Music, scripture, talk #1 from the speaker

10:30 AM            Small Group Team Building

11:30 AM            Small Group Discussion

12:15 PM            Hoppers

12:30 PM            Lunch

1:30 PM               Camp Store open, gaga, 9 square, games in the front lawn, board games 

3:00 PM               Epic Hike- make sure you have a jacket- meet in Moody Great Room

4:30 PM               Relay Pictionary

5:15 PM               Hoppers

5:30 PM               Supper

6:30 PM               Evening Worship – Music, scripture, talk #2 

7:30 PM               Small Group Discussion

8:00 PM               Prepare for evening activities.

8:15 PM               Night Hike - Campfire with Snack and Hang Out

10:00 PM            Head to rooms, get ready for bed

10:45 PM            Evening Devotional in rooms

11:00 PM            Quiet time and sleep begins


Rise and Shine

6:30 AM               Meet in Moody great room for sunrise hike

7:45 AM               Hoppers Set Tables

7:55 AM               Arrive at the Dining Hall

8:00 AM               Breakfast

8:45 AM               Morning Worship – Music, scripture, talk #3

9:45 AM               Small Group Discussion

10:45 AM            Pack and Clean

11:45 AM            Hoppers

12:00 PM            Lunch

12:45 PM            Large Group Closing Circle

1:30 PM              Departure

Plan now to come back to Wanake soon!


NOVEMBER 22-24, 2024

CHECK IN: Friday - 6:30 pm | CHECK OUT: Sunday - 1:30 pm


YOUTH: $175 | ADULTS: $150

Rates include: 2 nights, 5 meals, snacks, and programming
Early Bird Price: Youth: $155 | Adults: $130 (Register by November 1, 2024)

One adult chaperone is required for every 6 youth.

Each individual submits a registration.



Call: 330-756-2333 | Email: amy@campwanake.org