Moody & Savage Retreat Centers

Our retreat centers consist of two wings connected to a great room meeting space. Four rooms in each wing will accommodate up to 6 people (three twin-sized bunk beds) with a restroom and shower facilities in each wing. These spaces are air-conditioned.

Moody Retreat Center

Moody Retreat Center is named in honor of Mel Moody, Wanake's founding camp director.
Moody can accommodate a maximum of 56 guests and may house a single large group or two small groups. The center has two sleeping wings with community men’s and women’s restrooms and shower facilities in each wing. Four rooms in each wing will accommodate up to 6 persons (three twin-sized bunk beds) and one room in each wing will sleep 4 persons in twin-sized bunk beds. 

The Great Room is the meeting room. This octagonal room is carpeted and has a fireplace and kitchenette (coffee service, refrigerator, and microwave) and will accommodate up to 75 people. There is also a lobby that may serve as a second small meeting space or breakout room. (A sound system, keyboard, and TV/DVD player are available upon request.) The surrounding deck provides the perfect setting to relax and reflect.

Savage Retreat Center

Savage Retreat Center is named in honor of Merl Savage, Wanake's longest-serving caretaker/site manager. Moody and Savage Retreat Center have the same floor plan (56 beds, a Great Room, 2 wings of bedrooms, etc) except for a few differences. One of the differences is while Moody has 2 smaller bathrooms on each wing for both genders, Savage has 1 large bathroom for 1 gender on each wing. This setup is ideal for groups that want to have a men's and women's wing that are separated.

One of the many perks of living in Savage Retreat Center is that the Game Room is on the lower level! Another one of the differences between Moody and Savage is that while Moody is carpeted throughout, Savage has linoleum tile in its hallways and Great Room. All of the bedrooms are carpeted. 

Retreat House

The Retreat House is available only from August through May. This facility may sleep up to 14 guests. There are 4 bedrooms each with 2 twin-sized single beds or bunk beds.

The Retreat House is a great location for your family's next vacation! There are 2 handicapped-accessible restrooms with showers. A furnished living room and kitchenette with coffee service, refrigerator, and microwave, and the porch with Adirondack-style chairs make for great "hang-out" or meeting areas. 

White and Pines Cabins

Wanake has two cabin locations, the White Cabins, and the Pines Cabins. Furnished with bunk beds each cabin will house a maximum of 14-16 people. Both cabin locations have electricity and changing rooms and are a short walk to bathhouses. Pines Cabins are strategically located and ventilated to keep them cooler in the summer months, while the White Cabins have air conditioning.

The Rock Lodge

The Rock Lodge features a Bouldering wall built into the structure on the ground level.  (Bouldering is climbing horizontally rather than vertically as in rock climbing.) Campers climb up into the structure. The second floor is a picnic shelter about eight feet in the air.

Campers climb a built-in vertical ladder through a trap door into the bedrooms upstairs. Each bedroom can sleep up to 8. Hammock-style beds hang from the ceiling of the structure as campers enjoy evening rests on the treetops. The top floor is completely enclosed for safety and security. 

The Rock Lodge also features a very nice campfire site complete with a fire ring, seating logs, and a picnic table. Running water is available from a hose spigot in the warm months. There is no electricity and the nearest bathroom is a 3-5 minute walk (300 yards).

The Survival Cabin

As the legend goes...a plane crash landed in the back woods of Wanake. No one was hurt, and it was a very smooth landing. The passengers got out, and before night fell, they needed to construct a shelter. So they built the survival cabin, had a great night's sleep, woke up the next morning to the sound of children playing over the hill, and were saved. And now, we have the Survival Cabin. Of course, this is a legend or a fun story; no people, animals, trees, or anything else were hurt in the making of this story. 

This completely enclosed cabin can sleep up to 12 in one room and 8 in another. It has a canvas roof, continuous peak skylight, and the rustic feel of a cabin constructed by survivors of a nearby airplane downing. Mosquito netting and screen doors make it mosquito-proof.  The sky lighting and wispy mosquito netting windows make for a well-lit interior by day.

Of course, this cabin does not have electricity. It is located near the composting toilet and the hand washing (tooth brushing - face washing) station (100-120 yards). The Survival Cabin also features a very nice campfire site complete with a fire ring and seating logs.

The Adirondack Shelters

This traditional structure, patterned after the Adirondack Shelters of the Appalachian Trail, is like a three-sided log cabin with a screened-in fourth side, making it mosquito-proof. These shelters do not have electricity: the smaller shelter houses 6 and the nearby larger shelter houses 10.

Wanake’s Adirondack Shelters are located in a shaded area near the Woods Shelter (which makes for a great "hang-out", rain shelter, or gathering spot). The composting toilet (45-100 yards) and the hand washing (tooth brushing - face washing) station (45 yards) are also very close. 


Wanake has six RV electrical connection boxes and three hydrants.  Each electrical box has both a 50 amp and a 30 amp outlet.  Water can easily be split to serve multiple RVs (Max of 15 RVs). 30 yards away is the spacious picnic pavilion which has electric lights and electrical outlets.  Picnic tables abound and there is a lovely campfire circle within a few steps. Also very close is the Green Shower House which has restroom facilities and 7 showers on both a Men's and Women's side. 


For organized groups (churches, scout troops, family reunions, etc.) wanting a tent camp experience, Camp Wanake has several areas where groups may pitch their tents. Electrical hook-ups are available adjacent to the Orchard Shelter Picnic Pavilion for RVs, trailers, or pop-up campers. Groups can enjoy the fun and fellowship of a picnic, overnight, or weekend. 

Note: Camp Wanake does not rent campsites to individuals. All campsite rentals must be part of an organized group (church, family, scout troop, etc)

Indoor Game Room

Ping Pong Table, Carpet Ball, Couches, Cards, and Board Games

Basketball & Volleyball Courts

Outdoor Youth Full-Length

Athletic Field

100 yards - Soccer, Football, Kickball, Ultimate Frisbee, Marching Band Field, etc

Hiking/Prayer/Meditation Trails

Hike the many trails that wander through our 200+ acres of rolling woodlands. Hikes to nearby Deuber Falls and The Wilderness Center are also options. 


Wanake’s spacious soccer field can also be used for softball or baseball.  Many trails are suitable for cross-country running on-site and on the nearby towpath.


Yard games, Sports, and Play Equipment (corn hole, bocce ball, lawn darts, frisbees, basketballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, pool noodles, etc)


Fish for bass, bluegill, and catfish from the shores of Lake Arnold or the fishing nook at Knoll Pond. (Fishing by boat requires a lifeguard-see canoe pricing) Bring your own pole and bait!


Memorial Day - Labor Day
Enjoy Wanake’s refreshing open-air pool complete with a shallow end for all ages to enjoy with pool toys and a deep end with a diving board and a rock climbing wall. This activity requires 1 Red Cross lifeguard for every 25 people, which Wanake supplies.


Learn to canoe or improve your techniques. Try your hand at dead fish tag, a race, or fishing. Explore Lake Arnold up close. This activity requires a Wanake-supplied Red Cross canoe instructor or lifeguard.


Ride a magic carpet, juggle multiple objects, or pop the pig as you solve larger-than-life puzzles as a group. These experiences feature trained Wanake facilitators, group building, and trust development.


Traverse a gigantic spider's web, brave the piranha pit, or cross a group of islands while working together with others. These experiences feature trained Wanake facilitators, team formation, and positive change in your group.


Climb horizontally instead of vertically at our Rock Lodge. The Rock Lodge Bouldering Wall provides a unique climbing challenge.


Learn the basics of climbing and try two grades of difficulty. Color challenges are available for the experienced climber.


Enjoy a Hoedown in one of our historic barns. (Wanake Leadership Available)


Enjoy singing, stories, and s’mores. (Wanake Leadership Available)


Also available with a telescope to watch. (Wanake Leadership Available)


Take a guided tour of Wanake on the touring wagon, featuring steps.


Ask about snow conditions and availability when reserving your date! Bring your own sleds.

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Cartoon Map
Inpost and Pines Hill Map
Wanake Ranch

My child loved her counselor and the friends she made the most. She loved that her counselor prayed with them daily and sang to them.

Camper Parent

I enjoyed Morning Watch because we got a chance to listen to God speak to us.


When I became a counselor I found that working as a team of two taught me how to be in positive, healthy relationships with others.

Summer Staff Member

I took another look at Bible stories I’ve read before, looking at them from a different point of view.


At home, I don’t really connect with God, but now I am going to try my hardest to do so. Wanake makes me a better person. I love it.


I am constantly in awe of the real-world skills working at camp taught me, and so many of them apply to me daily!

Summer Staff Member

My daughter loved everything! I think the frog pond, making friends, and singing songs ranked pretty high because she kept returning to those experiences.

Camper Parent

I did feel challenged this week at Wanake to be my best and become a better person because I tried lots of things I probably wouldn’t have.


I am constantly in awe of the real-world skills working at camp taught me, and so many of them apply to me daily!

Summer Staff Member

Real friends aren’t measured in years, they’re measured in connection and happiness - making you feel like your best self.


The best part of camp was my child being able to have pure fun, encouraging kindness, and making new friends. She also said the food was delicious!

Camper Parent

When I became a counselor I found that working as a team of two taught me how to be positive,
healthy relationships with others.

Summer Staff Member

I feel that living without electricity, running water, and mattresses made me realize how grateful I am for the things I have, but also know I can live without them.


I am coming back to camp next summer because these weeks here have been some of the best in my entire life!