Wanake Camp & Retreat Center, where adventure, exploration, and lifelong memories come together in the heart of God’s Creation! Nestled in the scenic beauty of Ohio, Wanake offers a faith-developing, enriching, and exciting summer camp experience for children and teens.
Our carefully crafted programs are designed to foster spiritual formation, personal growth, friendships, and community building. From traditional outdoor activities like campfire cooking, hiking, canoeing, fishing, and rock climbing to unique offerings including, international programs, team-building challenges, biking, horses, and art, Wanake provides a diverse range of experiences to cater to every camper's interests.
What sets Wanake apart is our commitment to offering campers a small family group experience.  Each family group enjoys a unique adventure each week.  Here campers find a supportive and inclusive environment for spiritual, social, mental, and emotional growth. Our experienced staff is dedicated to ensuring a safe and nurturing space for campers to grow in faith, discover new skills, develop self-confidence, and embrace the joys of unplugging from the digital world while connecting with the great outdoors.
With a variety of themed camps catering to different age groups and interests, there's something for everyone at Wanake. Whether it's exploring creation, honing creative talents in arts and crafts, or enjoying a connection with the camp animals, each day at Wanake is an opportunity for growth and fun in the camaraderie of fellow campers.
Join us for a summer filled with laughter, learning, and adventure at Wanake – where memories are made and friendships last a lifetime.

“Camp has everything you are looking for!"

Opportunities in a safe environment for your child to:
  • Build relationships with God, themselves, and others.
  • Practice making good decisions.
  • Try new things and develop skills.
  • Grow as a leader.
  • Experience positive Christian role models, and
  • Live in a Christian community.
Julie Lautt – Camp Director

  • Wanake Adventures  | Grades 1-12
  • Wanake Encounter Day Camp | Grades 1-6
  • Animal Friends | Grades 3-6
  • Splash & Saddle | Grades 4-6
  • Pool Pizzaz | Grades 4-6
  • Horse Camp | Grades 5-12
  • Pool Daze | Grades 6-8
  • Ultimate Adventure | Grades 9-12
  • Senior High Outdoor Adventure | Grades 9-12
  • Leaders in Training (LIT) | Grades 10-12
  • Wanake Adventures  | Grades 1-12
  • Discover Camp | Grades 1-6
  • The Art & Science of God's Creation | Grades 4-6
  • Click & Craft Quest | Grades 4-6
  • BFF Critter-Edition | Grades 6-8
  • Rock Lodge Quest | Grades 9-12
  • Leaders as Buddies | Grades 10-12
  • Special Persons Camp | Adults
  • Wanake Adventures  | Grades 1-12
  • Wanake Encounter Day Camp | Grades 1-6
  • Discover Camp | Grades 1-6
  • Overnight Explorers | Grades 1-6
  • Animal Explorers | Grades 3-5
  • Video Games | Grades 3-8
  • Rustic Adventure Camp | Grades 5-7
  • Night Games | Grades 6-12
  • Wanake Adventures  | Grades 1-12
  • Animal Friends | Grades 3-5
  • Nature Exploration | Grades 4-6
  • Art Camp | Grades 4-6
  • BFF Critter-Edition | Grades 6-8
  • Fishing Camp | Grades 6-12
  • Wet & Wild | Grades 9-12
  • Wanake Adventures  | Grades 1-12
  • Animal Friends | Grades 3-6
  • Pool Pizzaz | Grades 4-6
  • Fishing. Friends, and Fun | Grades 4-6
  • Rustic Adventure Camp | Grades 6-8
  • Moonlight Madness | Grades 6-12
  • Wanake Adventures  | Grades 1-12
  • Discover Camp | Grades 1-6
  • Swim Stars | Grades 2-4
  • Vroom Bike Camp | Grades 4-6
  • International Soccer Camp | Grades 4-6
  • Pool Daze | Grades 6-8
  • International Camp | Grades 6-8

  • Sports

  • 9 Square

  • Ga Ga Ball

  • Olympics

  • Collaboration Games

  • Video Games

  • Wanake Farm

  • Star Gazing

  • Rock Climbing

  • Shelter Building

  • Night Hikes

  • Sleep Out Under the Stars

  • Epic Hike to Downed Airplane

  • Polar Bear Swim

  • Extra Pool Time

  • Water Slide & Sprinkler

  • Frog Pond

  • Fishing

  • Crafts

  • Homemade Ice Cream

  • Super Snack / Root Beer Floats

  • Service Project

  • Gross-a-Thon

  • 4th Grade +

    • Canoeing

    • Survival Skills

    • Epic Hike to Johnathan's Cabin

    • Epic Hike to Rock Lodge

    • Tie Dye

    • How Engines Work

    • Wood Working (Birdhouses)

  • 6th Grade +

    • Bouldering

    • Swamp a Canoe

    • Epic Hike to Dundee Falls

  • 9th Grade +

    • Build a Raft

East Ohio Camps understands that families have different abilities to pay for a Christian camping experience. Tiered pricing allows you to choose the rate that best fits your financial situation. The pricing option you choose remains confidential and in no way influences the experience your camper receives.

Tier 1

Tier 1 is the rate we can offer thanks to the contributions of the East Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church and other generous donors.

Tier 2 & 3

Tiers 2 & 3 reflect your generosity in covering the true costs of operating the summer camp and securing the future of the camping ministry in East Ohio.

Please remember that in addition to these rates, additional financial assistance is available to ensure that all children have the opportunity to attend camp.


You can pay in multiple payments.  Call the East Ohio Camps office at 800-831-3972 ext. 139 to arrange a payment plan that works for your family.


Take advantage of our sibling discount if more than one child from your family is attending camp. Contact the camp office at 1-800-831- 3972 ext. 139 or camp@eocumc.com.


Your church or district may be able to help pay part of the cost. Check with your camp contact person, your pastor, or your district office for details.


East Ohio Camps has campership funds available. Download a Campership Application below.

Staff members, paid and volunteer, are carefully screened, selected, trained, and supervised by a year-round staff with 50+ combined years of camp experience. The staff is comprised of adults of all ages, including college students & high school graduates.

My child loved her counselor and the friends she made the most. She loved that her counselor prayed with them daily and sang to them.

Camper Parent

I enjoyed Morning Watch because we got a chance to listen to God speak to us.


When I became a counselor I found that working as a team of two taught me how to be in positive, healthy relationships with others.

Summer Staff Member

I took another look at Bible stories I’ve read before, looking at them from a different point of view.


At home, I don’t really connect with God, but now I am going to try my hardest to do so. Wanake makes me a better person. I love it.


I am constantly in awe of the real-world skills working at camp taught me, and so many of them apply to me daily!

Summer Staff Member

My daughter loved everything! I think the frog pond, making friends, and singing songs ranked pretty high because she kept returning to those experiences.

Camper Parent

I did feel challenged this week at Wanake to be my best and become a better person because I tried lots of things I probably wouldn’t have.


I am constantly in awe of the real-world skills working at camp taught me, and so many of them apply to me daily!

Summer Staff Member

Real friends aren’t measured in years, they’re measured in connection and happiness - making you feel like your best self.


The best part of camp was my child being able to have pure fun, encouraging kindness, and making new friends. She also said the food was delicious!

Camper Parent

When I became a counselor I found that working as a team of two taught me how to be positive,
healthy relationships with others.

Summer Staff Member

I feel that living without electricity, running water, and mattresses made me realize how grateful I am for the things I have, but also know I can live without them.


I am coming back to camp next summer because these weeks here have been some of the best in my entire life!