Parent-Child Overnight

Embark on a magical adventure under the stars with your child at Camp Wanake's Parent-Child Overnight! Join us for an unforgettable experience that bridges the gap between generations, creating lasting memories and fostering the spirit of shared adventure.

  • Campfire Stories and S'mores: Gather around the campfire for an evening of storytelling, laughter, and the delicious taste of s'mores. It's a chance to create cherished memories, share tales, and connect with your child in the warm glow of the campfire.
  • Outdoor Cooking Experience: Bond over a shared outdoor cooking experience. Together with your child, explore the joy of preparing a meal over an open flame. The experience is not just about the food; it's about the teamwork and connection forged over a shared campfire meal.
  • Canoeing Adventures: Share the thrill of canoeing on the camp lake. Paddle together, explore the lake, and enjoy the beauty of nature from the water. Canoeing becomes a shared adventure that strengthens the parent-child bond.
  • Nature Hikes and Exploration: Embark on nature hikes and exploration trails with your child. Camp Wanake's scenic landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for discovering the wonders of nature together. It's a journey of exploration and connection with the natural world.
  • Camp Wanake – Where Bonds Strengthen and Adventure Awaits: Experience the magic of camping with your child at Camp Wanake. It's more than just a night outdoors; it's a shared adventure that strengthens the ties between parent and child.

Ready for a night of shared exploration and laughter? Register for the Parent-Child Overnight and let the camping adventure begin!


AUGUST 10-11, 2024

CHECK IN: Saturday - 10:00 am | CHECK OUT: Sunday - 2:00 pm


ADULTS: $129 ($109 Early Bird)
CHILDREN (5-17): $89 ($69 Early Bird)