Resurrection Egg Hunt And Camp Preview Day

Celebrate the joy of spring and the spirit of renewal at Camp Wanake's Resurrection Egg Hunt and Camp Preview Day! Join us for a day of family-friendly fun, laughter, and a sneak peek into the magic of Camp Wanake. It's an event that blends the excitement of an egg hunt with the warmth of camp traditions.

  • Resurrection Egg Hunt: Embark on an egg-citing adventure as children and families search for Resurrection Eggs scattered across the campgrounds. Each egg holds a special surprise.
  • Fun and Activities: Rock climbing, gaga ball, s'more making, and wagon rides! The day is designed for laughter, play, and creating memorable moments that families can cherish.
  • Camp Preview Tours: Get a glimpse into the magic of Camp Wanake with guided camp preview tours. Explore the cabins, activity areas, and scenic spots that make Camp Wanake a cherished retreat. It's the perfect opportunity for families to envision the adventures that await during summer camp.
  • Camp Wanake – Where Tradition Meets Joy: Experience the timeless magic of Camp Wanake during this special event. As spring blooms, let the spirit of renewal and the joy of family create lasting memories.

Ready for an egg-citing adventure? Join us for the Resurrection Egg Hunt and Camp Preview Day – where every moment is a treasure and every smile is a celebration!


APRIL 27, 2024 from 2-6 PM

No RSVP Required

2-2:30 PM Egg Hunt Registration and Games

2:20-4 PM Egg Hunt, Prizes and Snacks

4-6:00 PM Camp Preview Day - Rock Climbing, Wagon Ride Tours, Games, S'mores



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