John* was a fourth grader who was full of energy and enjoyed anything that included action. “I noticed that John was particularly interested in the outdoors and nature,” his pastor reported.  “John attended Sunday School and church every Sunday faithfully, but by himself.  He was the only person in his family to attend.  The church […]

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Wanake - A God Who Loves

A God Who Loves

Matt* was a star middle school athlete heading into his high school athletic career. He and his teammate, Nick*, were great friends, they practiced before and after school even if the team wasn’t practicing and enjoyed playing video games, eating pizza, and watching movies. Matt’s goal was to be on a college team and try

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Wanake - Matt Kiel

This Sounds Like Fun

After finishing his junior year in high school, Matt Kiel applied for a camp counselor job at Wanake. He had no prior experience working with children. “I wasn’t looking for anything specific, but a job,” Matt recalls. “This sounds like fun. Let’s see where this goes!” he thought to himself. Matt benefited from the three

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Wanake - Anna Irwin

Yes, I Can Do That

Anna had always come to Camp Wanake with her twin. She is the quieter of the two. They reached a point when they wanted their own experiences and to be seen as individuals. After growing up attending summer camp, the next step was serving on staff. Anna struggled with self-confidence during her first summer as

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